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Schools in Rohtak Haryana

Schools in Rohtak Haryana

In this page we are going to provide list of all Schools in Rohtak .The list includes Schools in Rohtak Universities in Haryana, Engineering Colleges in Rohtak Medical Schools in Rohtak, Management Schools in Rohtak as well as other career institutes in Rohtak .

In this page we are try to give as accurate information as possible while displaying this list of Schools in Rohtak . We welcome any kind of feedback that would improve the quality of the site, a site that strives to provide the best information on Schools in Rohtak.

Following are the list of Schools in Rohtak.

Arpan School 243817/245532 245295/243064
Baba Mast Nath School 244267
Central School(Kendriya Vidhalaya) 274356
D.A.V. Public School 272013/9812089041 247316/272310
Gaur Brahman Central High School 252892
Govt. Sr. Sec. School(Girls) 247612
Harkishan Memorial School 253694/242476
Jat School 274372
Jyoti Prakash Public School 246876
Mohindra Model School 273681
Model School Rohtak 243629/271509 272424
Pathania Public School 250367/252414
Saini High School 252899
Saraswati Public School 250604
School Model Town 254903
Shiksha Bharti School 242750/243750
University School 272596 274061
Vaish School(Girls) 252498
Vaish Girls Sr. Sec. School
Vaish Public School
Vidhya Bharti School 252634
Vishwakarma Bal Mandir
Vishwakarma Model High School
Vishwakarma Public School
Wonderland Public School 242635/243741

Pilana Shemrock Blessings
Kalanaur DAV Centenary Public School
Jhajjar Children Memorial DAV Public School
Rohtak H.OS.R.S. Public School
Kalanaur DAV Centenary Public School
Rohtak H.OModel School
Bahadurgarh P.D.M. Public School
Rohtak H.ODelhi Public School
Rohtak H.ODAV Centenary Public School
Rohtak H.ODGV public School
Bahadurgarh DAV Centenary Public School
Rohtak H.OV.N. Memorial Public School
Meham Maharaja Agarsain Public School
Badli Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
Barhana Kendriya Vidyalaya
Rohtak H.OI.C.L. Public School
Rohtak H.OShri Baba Mastnath Public School
Rohtak H.OUniversity Campus School
Rohtak H.OMahendra Model School

Rohtak H.OShiksha Bharti Vidyalaya
Ritauli Brigadier Ram Singh Public School
Bahadurgarh Sainik School
Bahadurgarh Vijaya Senior Secondary School
Bahadurgarh Hardayal Public School
Bahadurgarh S.R. Century Public School
BadliT.R.H. Public School
Rohtak H.OSH. Paul Bharati High School
Rohtak H.OPathania Public School

Adarsah Bharti H /s Rohtak
Adarshgurukul Sss S.pura S.pur
Adarsh Sss Rohtak
All India Jat Hero Memorial College
Anand Gopal H/s Rithal
Anupam H/s Rohtak
Arya Sss Rohtak
Bharat Tek Girls H/s Rohtak
Bharti Kanya Sss Rohtak
Bhatia H/s Rohtak
Central H/s Sunarian
City H/s Rohtak
C.r.public Sss Rohtak
Dav H/s Sanghi
Dav Sss Rohtak
Decent H/s Rohtak
Dgv H/s Rohtak
Dhajja Ram H/s Rurki
Dhanwanti Arya Girls .h/s Roht
D.n.city H/s Rohtak
Durga Marry H/s Rohtak
G.b.c. Sss Rohtak
Geeta Vidya Mandir H/s Rohtak
Gg Sss Gandhi Nagar Rohtak
Ggsss Rohtak
Ghs Assan
Ghs Assan(g)
Ghs Bahu Akbarpur(g)
Ghs Bakheta
Ghs Baland
Ghs Baland(g)
Ghs Bhagwatipur
Ghs Bhalaut(g)
Ghs Bhayanpur Ladhot(g)
Ghs Bohar
Ghs Bohar(g)
Ghs Brahmanwas
Ghs Chamarian
Ghs Dhamar
Ghs Dobh
Ghs Gaddi Kheri
Ghs Garhi Bohar
Ghs Ghilor Kalan
Ghs Humayunpur
Ghs Jassia
Ghs Kahni
Ghs Kansala
Ghs Karontha
Ghs Karontha(g)
Ghs Khidwali(g)
Ghs Ladhot
Ghs Maina(g)
Ghs Makroli Kalan
Ghs Mungan
Ghs Pehrawar
Ghs Polangi
Ghs Ritoli
Ghs Rurki
Ghs Rurki (g)
Ghs Sanghi(g)
Ghs Sukhpura Rohtak
Ghs Sunarian
Gsss Bahu Akbarpur
Gsss Bhalaut
Gsss Gandhi Nagar Rohtak
Gsss Kansala(g)
Gsss Khidwali
Gsss Kiloi
Gsss Kiloi(g)
Gsss Model Town Rohtak
Gsss Rithal
Gsss Rohtak
Gsss Samar Gopalpur
Gsss Sanghi
Gurukul H/s Bhayanpur Ladhot
Guru Nanak H/s Rohtak
Gyan Bharti H/s Rohtak
Gyan Dhawaj Sss Rohtak
Gyan Mandal H/s Kabulpur
Happy Model H/s Rohtak
Harkisha Memorial Sss Rohtak
Himalyan H/s Rohtak
Homeschooled in Rohtak
Indo British H/s Rohtak
Indo Foundation H/s Rohtak
I.p.s. Sss Rohtak
Jai Guru Dev H/s Rohtak
Jain Girls Sss Rohtak
Jain Sss Rohtak
Janta H/s Samar Gopalpur
Jat Sss Rohtak
J.b.g. H/s Chamarian
J.r.kisan H/s Asthal Bohar Rtk
Jyoti H/s Rohtak
K.d.h/s Rohtak
Kendrya Vidyalya H/s Rohtak
Mahendra H/s Rohtak
Mahendra Narendra H/s Rohtak
Mahesh Bharti Sss Rohtak
Manav Bharti H/s Rohtak
Mandeep Sss Rohtak
M.d.h/s Rohtak
M.d. H/s Sunarian
M.d.n.public H/s Rohtak
M.d.vidyapith H/s Rohtak
M.g.m. H/s Rohtak
Model Sss Rohtak
M.s. Saraswati Sss Rohtak
Nalanda H/s Rohtak
Narula H/s Rohtak
National H/s Rohtak
Nav Yug H/s Makroli Khurd
Navyug H/s Rohtak
Nehra H/s Rohtak
New Bhartya H/s Bohar
New Haryana H/s Bohar
New Haryana H/s Rohtak
New Saraswati H/s Khidwali
New S.d.h/s Rohtak
Pathania Public School
Pathania Sss Rohtak
P.t.sss Rohtak
Rainbow H/s Rohtak
Ram Vidya Mandir H/s Chmarian
Saini Girls Sss Rohtak
Saini Sss Rohtak
Saraswati H/s Rohtak
Saraswati Vandna H/s Rohtak
Sarvodya H/s Rohtak
S.d.girls H/s Rohtak
S.d.h/s Kabulpur
S.d.h/s Khidwali
S.d.h/s Rohtak
S.d.thomas H/s Rohtak
S.d.v.m.h/s Sunari Khurd
S.g.d.m. H/s Karontha
Shiksha Bhari Sss Rohtak
Shiva H/s Chamarian
Shivalik H/s Rohtak
Shivam H/s Rohtak
Sh Lal Nath Hindu College
Shri Baba Haridass H/s Kansala
Shri Baba Mastnath Sss Rohtak
Shrijyoti Parkash Sss Rohtak
Shri Ram Sss Rohtak
Shyam H/s Rohtak
Sofia H/s Rohtak
S.p.h/s Rohtak
S.r.jat Memorial H/s Sanghi
S.r.m.h/s Khidwali
Svm H/s Rohtak
Tagore Sss Rohtak
University Campus Sss Rohtak
University College,Rohtak
Upkar H./s Rohtak
Vaish Girls Sss Rohtak
Vaish Public Sss Rohtak
Vaish Sss Rohtak
Vidya Bharti Sss Rohtak
Vidya Bhawan Sss Rohtak
Vidya Niketa H/s Rurki
Vidya Sagar H/s Rohtak
Vidya Sagar H/s Sunarian
Vishav Bharti H/s Rohtak
Vishkarma Public H/s Rohtak
Viveka Nand H/s Rohtak
Vkm Sss Rohtak

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